All On 4

All on 4 Dental Implants

All on 4 dental implants is a minimally invasive procedure. It works by offering a fixed full-arch restoration and is a solution that has gained high patient satisfaction.

Why should I choose All on 4?

The first and maybe the most compelling reason would be that this ‘all in one day’ treatment will deliver a rapid improvement in quality of life

The All-on-4® treatment concept is designed to provide edentulous and those patients soon-to-be edentulous with a fixed full-arch prosthesis that is fixed to four implants and is completed in one day.

Shorter treatment times

One element contributes to the complexity of any treatment and that is the number of surgeries, and the overall time that any treatment takes. The All on 4 dental implants procedure involves tilting of the posterior implant avoiding the necessity for time-consuming bone grafting with the immediate loading of the teeth offering an instant result.

Costs are lower

The All-on-4® procedure is a very fast treatment option, and is also less costly when compared with conventional implant treatment modalities that are used for the edentulous and imminently edentulous jaw.

Offers stability even when there is minimum bone volume

In tilting the two posterior implants, implants that are longer can be utilised increasing bone-to-implant contact and avoiding the need for vertical bone augmentation. The tilted implants can be anchored in the better quality anterior bone.

Two elements give immediate satisfaction to patients:

1. Immediate Functionality

Because of their design and dedicated drilling protocols, these implants have a high stability.

2. Provides optimal aesthetics

This form of implant treatment has been proved to deliver patient satisfaction.

All on 4 Dental Implantation is a far less invasive implant procedure, and is suitable for patients who are not capable of accepting fitted implants. A full set of teeth is fitted on four dental implants placed at carefully identified sites at the back of the jaw and at the front. These implants can then be the footing for several possible tooth replacement options and represents an affordable implant option at a very competitive price.

All on 4 Dental Implants offer:

  • Greater flexibility and choice
  • A comfortable experience when compared to some other alternatives
  • No restriction in diet
  • Full dental bridge, supported by four dental implants replaces all teeth
  • Fewer implants mean fewer appointments
  • Treatment time is reduced

How much does the all on 4 procedure cost?

The All-on-4 system will cost about £8000 to £14000 for a full arch which is double what you would expect to pay for implant-retained dentures but the result will be the closest you can get to having your natural teeth. The pros and cons of your treatment options will be discussed with you when you visit one of the Dentists Near Me dental professionals so that you can assess what treatment is going to be best for you.

All on 4 FAQ's

Q. What is meant by All on 4?

A. All on 4 is a technique that utilises 4 implants to hold a full jaw of fixed teeth in either the lower or upper jaws - or both

Q. Will the teeth be removable?

A. No the teeth will be screwed in place and can only be removed by a dentist.

Q. Will I have to be without teeth for some time?

A. No. This technique is often called ‘teeth in a day’. Usually surgery is done in the morning and the teeth fitted in the afternoon

Q. Will the teeth fitted be the permanent teeth?

A. No these will be the provisional teeth that are fitted to allow the tissue to heal over a period of four to six months. The final teeth will be made normally over 3 visits

Q. I already wear full dentures. Could I still have All on 4?

A. Yes but you would need a full assessment and a CT scan to assess your bone density before any treatment

Q. Does All on 4 treatment hurt?

A. No the treatment will be carried out with the normal local anaesthetic. Many patients say that they have been astonished at how straightforward their treatment was. Sedation can be used to help a patient relax during the treatment

Q. I have some broken and loose teeth. Would I still be able have the treatment?

A. Yes, normally it will still be possible although you will need to have an assessment and a CT scan

Q. I'm still not sure - Where can I find a dentist to see if I am suitable for this treatment?

A. All you need to do is search Dentists Near Me to find a dental practice convenient to you. Next make an appointment, (some surgeries offer free consultation.) After your consultation your dentist will let you know if you will be a good candidate for All on 4 treatment or whether there is another treatment that might be better for you


All on 4 dental treatment can be a great solution to the problem of missing teeth. Through Dentists Near Me you will be able to find a dentist that specialises in this treatment at a location convenient to you.