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Clear braces in London

Clear and removable tooth alignment braces are used by orthodontists to straighten front teeth swiftly and comfortably. As this is currently the most affordable tooth alignment system available in London there is a lot of interest in having corrected dental work done using clear braces. The big advantage is that because the braces are clear, no one apart from you will know that you are wearing them and you can have your corrective tooth treatment with the embarrassment of having your mouth full of metal work. Invisalign is a leading brand of clear braces.

How are clear braces made and fitted?

When you visit your dentist or orthodontist will take impressions of your teeth and then continue to work with the Invisalign’s experts to produce a custom-made programme to straighten you teeth. With computer imaging it is even possible for your dental professional to show you what the result of the treatment you are planning will be. This will all help you to decide on the details of the treatment that you would like to have. Clear Braces are virtually undetectable to the naked eye. In comparison to traditional braces, they are much more comfortable and also are reported to irritate less. A clear brace programme involves a series of clear aligners being used, all of which have been custom moulded for each patient. The aligners work by gradually repositioning the teeth to achieve a lovely straight smile, having gently realigned the teeth or correcting an awkward bite. Clear braces will also be removable for eating and for brushing and flossing the teeth.

Why would I opt for clear braces?

Having straight teeth can lessen the risk of developing swollen inflamed gums and pockets that may be caused when teeth are widely spaced or over-crowded. By reducing the risks you also lessen your chances of contracting problems like gum disease, improving the general health of your mouth. Quite apart from the benefits you will get from feeling more confident about your smile, because clear braces do not involve metal wires or bands, food does not become trapped as it would in the more traditional orthodontic braces, and this helps by preventing the build-up of plaque and helps to maintain good oral hygiene.

The benefits of clear braces are:


  • They are almost invisible
  • They can be removed
  • They offer comfort
  • No metal or brackets that can irritate your mouth
  • You will be able to brush and floss your teeth during treatment
  • Results are fast– treatment plans start at just six months duration

How much with clear braces in London cost me?

The price of your clear braces will always depend on what and how much work needs to be done. In general, clear braces are cheaper than the traditional metal braces because they have shorter treatment times and it is this fact that is making them so popular with patients seeking orthodontic treatment in London. Before you start any treatment your dental professional will go through the pricing with you so that you know exactly how much the treatment is going to cost you.

How do I find the right dentist for clear braces treatment in London?

To help you to find out more about clear braces treatment in London most dentists or orthodontists will offer a free no obligation consultation. At your consultation you will be able to talk in detail about what you want to achieve with the procedure and get the answer to any questions that you might want to ask. All the dental professionals in London featured on Dentists Near Me are fully accredited. As you choose you will be able to filter results by reviews that other patients have posted, following their own treatment, by location, perhaps you want to have a dentist surgery near home or maybe near to your office is more convenient. There are other filters too like those surgeries that offer after working hour’s appointments or at weekends or those that offer convenient parking or transport links. Finding the right dentist to fit clear braces will be easy with Dentists Near Me.

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