Dental Hygienist

What does a dental hygienist do?

As part of a dental team the dental hygienist will be an important person who will help you keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy, regularly cleaning your teeth and helping you understand how best to care for your teeth at home.

How can I help the dental hygienist care for my teeth?

The main concern of the dental hygienist is to prevent and to treat gum disease. This will include cleaning your teeth professionally and removing tartar and plaque. Their most important role however would be in helping every patent make the most of their teeth and keeping them clean and healthy and plaque free. A good hygienist will also give you some advice on diet as well.

Does a dental hygienist do anything else?

Hygienists will also be able to carry out dental x-rays. Your dentist will then use the x-rays to work out the treatment needed for a variety of different problems. The hygienist will also be able to apply fluoride varnishes and give fluoride treatments as well as apply fissure sealants. If your dentist prescribes tooth whitening the dental hygienist might also carry out this treatment.

Is there a hygienist working in every dental practice?

No, not every dental office will employ a hygienist although most of them will offer this service to their patients. Hygienists can see patients directly under the instruction of a dentist or might even see patients independently of the dentist. If your practice does not have one then they will be able to supply the name of one near to you.

Why is this kind of treatment important?

The regular removal of plaque and tartar is very important as well as the work that you do at home to keep your teeth clean. As well as having healthy teeth you will have a sparkling smile and fresh breath too.

Will seeing a dental hygienist help me avoid getting dental disease?

Yes!  This is what the training to be a dental hygienist is aimed at!  A hygienist will see a patient regularly to make sure that all the calculus is removed from the teeth. The hygienist will then show the patient how to make sure that the calculus does not come back and that the teeth and gums remain healthy. A good hygienist will talk about every aspect of keeping your teeth healthy - from diet to flossing.

What else will an adult patient expect from regular hygienist visits?

A patient with a lot of decay will benefit from having a special fluoride treatment applied to their teeth. There are also anti bacterial gels and other solutions that can be applied under the gum line to kill the bacteria that are causing gum disease. Your hygienist might also recommend lifestyle changes like giving up smoking. This is because it has been proved that smokers with gum disease lose more teeth than those who do not smoke.

What do hygienists do for children?

Children visiting a dental hygienist can benefit form having a tooth polish. They might also have a fluoride varnish applied to their teeth to prevent decay of the teeth with the biting surfaces of the back teeth being sealed.

Why is this work not carried out by a dentist?

Some dentists do carry out this type of work themselves. But most now realise the benefit of the specialist training that hygienists have had and the fact that they have more time to devote to the important business of teaching patients how to care of their teeth and offering preventative treatment in the surgery. Some of the work needed to prepare the gums for the dentist to fit crowns and fillings can be done by the hygienist.

Will treatment at the hygienists hurt me?

Scaling and polishing the teeth should not hurt but if it does feel uncomfortable then the hygienist will be able to apply an anaesthetic cream or a local anaesthetic.

Is hygienist treatment expensive?

The costs of the treatment will vary according to what is being done and also different practices will have different pricing structures. Find out the cost before the treatment starts.

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