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Dr. Sia Mirfendereski qualified from the Royal London Hospital in 1991 and received his Masters at the Royal London Hospital in Gerodontology in 1995 and is currently working as principal at Wimpole Dental Office and Dulwich Dental Office. He has formerly held the position of Honorary Associate Clinical Professor at The University of Warwick and is currently Honorary Clinical Teaching Fellow in Education and Development at the same institute. A strong advocate for preventative care and fundamental adherence to Duty of Care he involves his students in all aspects pertaining to ultimate patient satisfaction. His professional interests and expertise focus on Prosthodontics (registered with the GDC - Specialist in Prosthodontics) as well as Minor Oral Surgery where he holds a contract at his NHS practice.

Sia also does consultancy dental work for Chelsea Football team and other sporting clubs.
Sia is on the board of the British Dental Bleaching Society and has lectured extensively regarding Dental Bleaching in the UK and internationally.

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