Fast Braces

What are Fastbraces?

Fastbraces also knows as Fast Braces are an innovative and exciting new orthodontic treatment, which gently and quickly move teeth to give patients the beautiful and straight smiles they deserve. They are a revolutionary, faster alternative to time-consuming, traditional braces - patients get results within just months, not years!

What are they used for?

These modern braces are used to successfully treat a wide range of orthodontic problems in both adults and children, including:

  • Crooked and uneven (misaligned) teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Irregular bite (with front teeth sticking out)
  • Gaps or spaces in between teeth

Am I an ideal candidate?

While most patients can benefit from these braces, your dentist will determine the treatment best suited to your unique case. Please note that these braces are unable to treat impacted teeth, TMJ disorders, extreme under bites and other extreme cases that require specialised dental treatment (including jaw surgery). Again, your dentist will recommend the appropriate treatment.

What are the benefits?

This treatment provides many benefits perfect for anyone who wants to avoid the inconvenience of traditional braces, and straighten their smile quickly with minimum hassle:

  • Fast treatment time - usually within ten months on average
  • Only a few appointments needed
  • Lightweight, gentle and comfortable on the teeth
  • Minimum discomfort and pain
  • Non-invasive treatment (no need for tooth extraction)
  • Simple to clean and benefits to good oral health

How long does treatment time take?

These braces can straighten teeth usually within a year of treatment. Minor cases can take three months, while more complex cases can need around twelve months.


During your treatment, you will need to visit your dentist every five to six weeks to have your progress monitored. The exact number of necessary appointments varies for each case, but some patients with minor orthodontic problems are known to complete treatment after just one visit!

How do they work so quickly?

Fastbraces are uniquely designed to move teeth in an efficient way.


Traditional braces work in two separate stages resulting in a lengthy treatment time. Firstly, the crown of the tooth is moved. Next, the root of the tooth is moved separately to complete the straightening process. Square brackets are also commonly used in traditional braces, which hinder flexibility and movement.


Alternatively, fastbraces straighten the entire tooth in one go with the use of flexible triangular brackets and greater force. These braces also use just one wire during treatment, whereas traditional braces can use up to five. The one wire allows for even greater flexibility and lightness, so the braces can move teeth quickly and relatively comfortably.

Do they hurt?

As with any orthodontic treatment used to straighten teeth, there will be some degree of discomfort as your teeth shift into place. However, these braces move the whole tooth in one go with just one wire and flexible triangular brackets. Therefore, you can expect to experience much less pain and discomfort than you would with traditional braces, not to mention the quicker treatment time.


Additionally, you won't have to worry about irritation to the teeth and gums that's commonly caused by bulky traditional braces. Fastbraces have smooth and slim line brackets that fit comfortably in the mouth without causing discomfort to the surrounding gums.

Are they safe?

Yes! These braces have been carefully developed and thoroughly tested for over twenty years. They have been designed to provide straight teeth with optimum safety, comfort and speed.

What happens during treatment?

At your initial consultation, your dentist will examine your teeth, ask you about your most desired results, and explain the details of the treatment (including, the cost and predicted timescale). Impressions and X-rays will also be taken to help draw up your own personalised treatment plan. Once your custom wires are made, they will be fitted to your teeth to kick start your treatment.

What happens after treatment?

With traditional orthodontic treatments, a permanent retainer is necessary to ensure the teeth don't move back to the original position. In contrast, fastbraces require the patient to wear a retainer for only twenty minutes each day after treatment - a much simpler and a hassle-free way of straightening your smile.

How much do they cost?

These braces are an affordable and speedy way of straightening teeth and usually only require a few short dentist appointments. For more information on the price of these exceptional braces, book an initial consultation with your dentist.

Where can I find a great dentist near me who provides fastbraces?

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