Inlays And Onlays

Onlays and Inlays

Patients who have had tooth decay or trauma to their teeth might be ideal candidates for an onlay or inlay replacement that will improve their smile, and create stronger teeth.

A great Alternative to traditional methods

Used as an alternative to the traditional full coverage dental crown, the more conservative onlay/inlay restoration is made from an impression of a broken tooth and then cemented to the tooth’s remains at a second appointment.


Between appointments, patients will often have a provisional onlay or inlay fitted that will be in the shape of the final tooth fitting to give protection and prevent sensitivity.


Patients who choose the onlay/inlay option can pick from Porcelain, Gold, Zirconium or a Composite resin for the fixture.

Onlay procedure

  • Depending on how much repair is needed sometimes it will be necessary to remove the full top surface of a tooth.
  • A full onlay will be made and fitted so that the biting surface is replaced.

Inlay procedure

  • The decayed or broken tooth is prepared for treatment.
  • The inlay is made and fitted onto the tooth.
  • White inlays or inlays in gold are available.

For broken molars at the back of the mouth gold is generally thought to be the ideal material where appearance is perhaps not such a priority. Gold onlays & inlays will offer great strength and will rarely fracture. Porcelain, Zirconium and resin onlays& inlays are tooth coloured and so are used for areas that will be noticeable when a patient smiles.


Dental patients who have a misaligned bite as a result of nocturnal teeth grinding are usually recommended to go for an onlay/inlay made from Zirconium or gold rather than the porcelain and resin types because the former offer great strength making them very unlikely to fracture.


Following the onlay/inlay attachment to a damaged tooth, the restoration will be polished to ensure a smooth feel. Onlays & inlays will normally be polished in the laboratory, and will feel very smooth to the tongue.


Onlays and inlays are designed to conserve and are not as invasive as dental crown treatments. Additionally the fixture will protect the tooth, giving as much as 75 per cent more chewing force.


Patients may well find the custom-made nature of onlays and inlays significantly more effective than older methods of reconstruction, due to the comfortable and natural feel of the fixture.


As well as this, the treatment can offer more functional longevity than the traditional filling methods used for the treatment of similar dental issues.


Because onlays and inlays are made in a laboratory, additionally there is a lower risk of contamination of saliva during attachment to the tooth of the type that can occur with simple white fillings. This will increase the longevity of onlays and inlays with less risk of leakage around the margins of the restorations.


The fitting of Porcelain onlays and inlays could also have a great impact on your smile because there is less chance of discolouring.


Cleaning will also be much easier because of the smooth finish of the onlay or inlay. There will be no sharp edges to irritate the tongue, so simple brushing and flossing will keep breath fresh and teeth sparkling.


Other solutions, like white fillings frequently shrink and can become deformed during the process of fitting possibly limiting effectiveness. The precise fit of onlays and inlays ensures that a patient can enjoy the benefits of the procedure with just two dental visits.


Onlays and inlays are made in the laboratory and because of that the laboratory technician can shape and polish them to their ideal shape and make sure that no further shrinkage happens once they are fitted. This offers a good reduction in the tooth sensitivity that often occurs when a tooth is filled with a deep white filling.


Anxious individuals will be happy to hear that local anaesthetic is used during the treatment. After treatment, any temporary sensitivity will usually settle with over-the-counter pain medication.

The cost of onlays and inlays

The cost of the onlays and inlays will vary according to the size of the restoration, and dentists charges will vary too. At Dentists Near Me you will be able to compare dentists in your location and find the right one for you.


Onlays& inlays will generally cost more than white fillings will but will generally last longer than white fillings. In the long term they will be more cost effective andalso should mean fewer visits to see the dentist.


There have been great advancements in modern technology and specifically in carrying out the procedure. The materials used to create onlays and inlays have also changed a lot over recent years.


Finding the right practitioner to carry out this dental work is vital and Dentists Near Me will find you the details of suitable practitioners at a location near you.