Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles - Straighten Your Teeth

What can Six Month Smiles in the UK do for me?

If you have crooked, misaligned teeth and are thinking about orthodontic treatment then Six Month Smiles is a very popular treatment for adults who are keen to align their teeth. Using tooth coloured braces, teeth are gently guided into alignment over a reduced period of time.

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What makes 6 Month Smiles different from conventional braces?

Using tooth coloured wire to gently straighten your teeth, 6 Month Smiles produces results in a short period of time. Conventional braces have been known to be unsightly with wires that were very noticeable. In patients having 6 Month Smile treatment it takes only an average of 6 months (four to nine months) to achieve straight teeth with the 6 Month Smiles method, compared to 2 to 3 years with conventional braces. This makes 6 Month Smiles a very popular treatment amongst adult patients.

How does 6 Month Smiles achieve results so quickly?

Your dentist will concentrate on the teeth in your smile line. By concentrating attention on these teeth the treatment time can be shortened because 6 Month Smile is not designed to make significant changes to your bite. By moving just a few of your teeth with small additional adjustments, a significantly improved result is achieved. You will visit the dental surgery every two to four weeks for the braces to be adjusted gently realigning your teeth to reveal a perfect smile.

Is 6 Month Smiles treatment painful?

Most patients will say that the sensation of having the braces fitted to the teeth feels a little strange. This will ease soon. Your dentist may also tell you that the gums may feel somewhat inflamed or may be sore for a couple of days after the fitting of the braces. An over the counter painkiller will help.

How will I keep my teeth and braces clean?

  • Avoid hard sticky foods and foods that might stain
  • Use an electric sonic toothbrush to clean around the braces a lot easier
  • Use a fluoride based toothpaste
  • See your hygienist every 2 to 3 months

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Will my teeth remain straight after the treatment?

Teeth can return to their original misaligned position after any type of orthodontic treatment. You will be fitted with permanent retainers - tooth coloured braces- to ensure your teeth stay aligned. Your dentist will also give you clear removable aligners to be worn intermittently to keep teeth positioned properly. This part of the treatment is very important if you are to retain the position of your newly aligned teeth!

How much will 6 Month Smiles treatment cost?

This treatment is very competitive compared to conventional treatment and is highly affordable! Ask your dentist for his pricing.

What is the procedure with Six Month Smiles orthodontic treatment?

At your first visit, your dentist will discuss what is concerning you about your smile. He or she will then check your teeth and set out the options, benefits and risks of any orthodontic treatments that will be suitable for you. This could be treatment with:

  • Invisalign
  • Clear aligners
  • Six Month Smiles
  • Inman Aligners

Your dentist will explain all the costs related to these options.

If you decide to have the Six Month Smiles treatment, a very popular option, your dentist will take impressions and photograph your teeth from various angles. These impressions will be sent to the laboratory and your bespoke braces will be made. When the braces are ready you will go back for fitting. Appointments will then be timed at every four weeks to change your braces to the next in the series and for progress checks until you have your new straight beautiful smile! In just six months this new procedure will straighten your front upper and lower teeth using clear brackets and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires. The duration of treatment varies between patients, and your dentist will work this out by evaluating the current status of your teeth and then provide you with a precise treatment plan.

Who would benefit from having Six Month Smiles Treatment?

Six Month Smiles can address a variety of dental problems such as tipping, rotations, extrusions and intrusions and when compared to alternative treatments, in a much shorter period of time. It is considered the best orthodontic option for patients who don't need complex corrective procedures for their biting force or occlusion problems and for those with cosmetic dental concerns. This treatment will effectively tackle less complex dental problems, such as:

  • An inverse smile line
  • Over bites and open bites
  • Crowded teeth and overlapping
  • Dental issues such as teeth gap (Diastemas) and spacing
  • Asymmetry and canted midline

Comparing Six Month Smiles to Traditional Metal Brackets:

Traditional orthodontic procedures will tackle complex and major bite or malocclusion problems very well, but have much longer treatment durations, with 2 years treatment usually necessary. Six Month Smile brackets have been designed to improve the appearance and comfort, and to successfully address cosmetic issues such as anterior spacing and alignment over a considerably shorter time period. The brackets used in both types of treatment are bonded to the front surface of the tooth with an attachment of wires. But this is where the similarity ends as with Six Month Smiles the treatment involves the production of trays in the laboratory to provide much greater precision and comfort which are similar to teeth whitening trays. The clear brackets will be positioned for bonding. The wires and ties used ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, and at the same time maintain the visual appearance of your new smile by matching the braces to the colour of your teeth.

What Do Patients say about treatment with Six Month Smiles?

Six month smiles reviews that are based on patients' personal experience, indicate that the clear brackets and the use of tooth coloured wires matching the colour of patients' teeth have made a big difference to patients' experience and comfort. This, along with the shorter treatment times and the low-movement approach makes it a very popular treatment with those who are after a faster result.

The journey to perfect straight teeth in five steps:

Step 1 - Consultation Session

At your free consultation appointment, your dentist will carry out a comprehensive evaluation of your gums and your teeth and will determine your overall oral health. The results of that initial evaluation along with parameters like X-rays and facial photographs will provide a view of what the result of your treatment is going to be. If your oral examination indicates that you might need other treatments, those options will be explained to give you the full picture and what choices are available to you.

Step 2 - Custom-made Trays

If your dentist believes that this procedure is going to be the best treatment for you, an impression of your upper and lower jaws will be taken. These impressions and the photographs of your teeth and face will then be sent to the Six Month Smile laboratory in the USA, where the custom-made trays will be made for you.

Step 3 - The Fitting

Once the braces are prepared, they will be sent back to your dentist. The next step is that your made-to-measure trays and wires will be fitted. A little short-term discomfort may be felt, and this is the result of the brace's pulling force. This will ease shortly after the fitting and will rarely become a chronic problem. Your dentist will advise you how to ensure the best effectiveness of your treatment, and how best to maintain your oral health.

Step 4 - Check-ups

Depending on how complex your treatment is, your check-up appointments will be arranged at four to six week intervals. These sessions are to monitor progress, and to retighten your braces, if that is deemed necessary.

Step 5 - Treatment Complete!

At completion of treatment, braces will be removed, and the retention options explained. Retainers will prevent relapses, and will be tailored to your lifestyle.

How Long Will my Teeth Straightening Treatment Take?

The average time for a corrective course from stat to finish is 6 months. In some patients however it might take as little as four months and in others as much as nine months for a complete treatment. Length of treatment will be dependent on factors such as the alignment of the teeth, and your personal goals. Average treatment time, however, is six months.

Recovery and After Care:

Dental Hygiene and Cleaning

  • Careful brushing of teeth and good oral hygiene is most important. While the braces are in place, you should brush your teeth at least 3 times a day. It might also be necessary for you to avoid certain foods for the best results.
  • If you work, take your toothbrush with you, and brush after your meal. Poor cleaning can damage the protective enamel layer of your teeth, and compromise the outcome.  
  • The use of interdental brushes and mouthwashes are essential to get to the hard to reach places that are under the dental arch wires.
  • You will be advised to avoid eating chewy, sticky foods that might become stuck between the braces, and cause complications such as the braces becoming detached. Eating hard foods, like boiled sweets, should also be avoided, as these might break the bond between your teeth and the brackets.
  • Also avoid food and drink that have a lot of sugar or acid, because these will make good oral hygiene more difficult.

After treatment is completed you will be advised that you should wear removable retainers at night to avoid any relapses. There is also the option to wear continuous retainers that will be positioned behind your teeth.

If you are thinking about having a Six Month Smile treatment then Dentists Near Me will have a list of dental professionals for you to see, at a location convenient to you.