White Fillings

Why would I consider white fillings?

Most of us will have fillings of some sort but whereas the traditional filling was always metallic in colour, nowadays it is possible to have fillings that are white and natural looking. With many people more conscious of the way they look this is an easy step that they can take to improve this aspect of their smile’s appearance.

Will a white filling be expensive?

Costs for a white filling will vary from dentist to dentist. It will often depend on the size and the type of the white filling. The time that it takes to complete the treatment will also be a factor.

Are white fillings as good as the traditional silver amalgam fillings?

The white filling is often considered not as long lasting as the traditional amalgam filling, but new materials have become available that should overcome this. Where the white filling is cited in our mouth will have an impact on how long it lasts, but do ask your dentist for an estimate of how long your white filling will last.

Should I have my amalgam fillings replaced with white ones?

Normally you would not think of changing existing fillings until or unless your dentist recommends it. When a filling does need to be replaced then you could certainly ask for a white filling to be used. Some dentists however, prefer not to put a white filling in a back tooth as they can be less successful there. Crowns or inlays could be used to get round the problem but would mean removing more of the tooth and it would also be more expensive.

What material are white fillings made from?

Materials can vary, but mainly a white filling would be made of glass particles, synthetic resin as well as a setting ingredient. You can ask your dental team for more information.

Where will I be able to have a white filling?

Dentists near me will have a great list of dentists in convenient locations to you. Most dentists will offer white fillings in the course of the treatments they offer.

Are there any alternatives to having fillings?

In adhesive dentistry a filling will be bonded to a tooth. For this procedure the dental team will have to remove less of the tooth, and that is obviously a good thing.

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