Teeth Whitening is a Safe Method for Pregnant Women

28 Feb 2019
teeth whitening

Many women have the curiosity to know if the teeth whitening method or other procedures that they want to try are safe during pregnancy. The expected mothers need to be sure that they are doing everything to protect the health and well-being of their baby.

Types of teeth whitening method

Some teeth whitening procedures are – at-home procedure by using whitening strips or procedure performed by the dentist that do not have any risks for you or your baby. However, there is not sufficient information about teeth whitening treatment during pregnancy to be completely safe.

Ingredients present in whitening products

The active ingredient present in whitening products is carbamide peroxide that reacts with water to form hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide in teeth whitening products will bleach your teeth so that you can have brighter and whiter smile. This oxidation process may be dangerous for the soft tissues. As the gums are more sensitive and prone to gingivitis at the time of pregnancy, the hydrogen peroxide may cause damage to the gums.

It is suggested to avoid performing whitening treatment during pregnancy for your safety. If you are concerned about your teeth, then there are other effective ways to whiten teeth even when you have conceived.

What you should not eat to avoid stains

Dental professionals who perform teeth whitening in Dulwich said that whether you are pregnant or not, prevention is always the best medicine. You can prevent teeth stains further by:

  • Not drinking tea and coffee.
  • Avoid eating vegetables and dark fruits such as beetroot, dark pomegranate, berries and juices.
  • Not taking acidic food such as tomatoes or citrus.
  • Not having sugary food and drinks.

Though it may be difficult to cut these foods completely from your diet, you can fight stains by brushing your teeth properly after eating and drinking lots of water. The good news is that some foods are beneficial for the whitening procedure such as fibrous fruits and strawberries.

You may continue using whitening toothpaste that contains abrasive materials to eliminate surface stains but they do not have hydrogen peroxide. While whitening toothpaste is not as effective as other whitening procedures, dentists at Dulwich Dental Clinic have said that it is a safe way to whiten your teeth when you are pregnant.

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