When do You Need to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

30 Nov 2016
wisdom teeth removal

Mouth is one of the sensitive parts of our body. A slight harm or a bit of carelessness may cause the bad health to your mouth. Besides tongue and other organs, teeth play an important role to let the human body function properly. When teeth get affected by any of the inconveniences around, it hurts you like the hell. Thus, it is necessary to take care of teeth before any bad thing occurs.

When should you consider the removal of wisdom teeth?

Removal of wisdom teeth is not necessary every time if they are positioned correctly in our mouth and do not cause any pain, dental issue or biting problem. But if they are not correctly aligned, then it may cause several dental problems which really impact our oral health. It is advised that you consult with an expert who will assist you if you need to go for tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth grow in two ways.

  1. Like Regular (natural) teeth
  2. Impacted teeth  (bad positioned teeth)

When wisdom tooth doesn’t get the proper room to grow, it lies horizontally instead of growing upright. After that, it starts expanding sideways, which is towards another tooth. Even, it allows space for bacteria to grow and that eventually cause cavities and bad odor to take place. in London, there are a number of dental practices who could treat your dental problems as per your unique dental condition.

How can the impacted teeth cause problems?

Impacted teeth collide with other teeth around and become a lot painful. Eruption of the wisdom tooth harms the adjacent tooth and raises several dental issues. The bad position of wisdom tooth is as painful as vulnerable. As the cavities form around the cavities could not be removed due to their horizontal location, it is advised to remove the wisdom teeth.

What could be the age to remove bad teeth?

There is actually no age to remove such painful part residing in your mouth. Some people get the wisdom teeth at a very tender age or when they are experiencing their adulthood. However, as a precaution, you could remove your wisdom tooth at a young age, as it would take less effort to heal the wound than allows a wrong-positioned wisdom tooth. Thus, it is advisable to get proper wisdom tooth examination and treatment plan before any inconvenience may occur. It is highly recommended for the people of London to get in touch with an experienced London dentist for wisdom teeth removal who could give you proper aid to cure your oral problems.

However, after the removal of wisdom teeth, there are some necessary measures to follow for healing the wounds and for a healthy mouth. While eating becomes difficult after uprooting wisdom teeth, it is necessary to have soft food only for the time-being for complete rest to the wounded part of the gum. Thus, you are advised to be on liquids, like protein shakes, milkshakes, mashed potatoes, pudding, yogurt, soup, scrambled eggs, smoothies etc. till you get cured completely.

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