Importance of Invisalign Teen for Teenagers

20 Feb 2019
invisalign teen
Do you know about the alternative to metal braces known as Invisalign Teen? Well, it is important to search for an Platinum Invisalign provider in London who can help you in teeth straightening. Read on to find out how clear braces are suitable for the needs of your teenagers.

How Invisalign teen is different

Invisalign Teen is a form of braces that helps teenagers in getting their teeth straightened effectively. These braces consist of a series of customizsed clear aligners that gradually shift the teeth the right place. A teenager should wear clear aligners for almost 22 hours in a day and go to the Invisalign provider in every two weeks for a new set. Since clear braces are not visible like wires and metal brackets, they appear to be a more attractive alternative to metal braces for teenagers.

Benefits of clear braces

Invisalign Teen provides all the dental care benefits of traditional metal braces, however, they provide various personal and social benefits to teens. These braces can correct oral issues and straighten teeth as effectively as metal braces, however, they do not affect eating, confidence, oral hygiene or the daily activities of a teen. As a result, Invisalign Teen is considered to be a great alternative for metal braces. Some of the benefits include:
  • Effective as metal braces are great for mild to severe oral problems such as underbite, overbite, overcrowding, and gaps in between the teeth.
  • Less difficulty at the time of brushing, flossing, eating and drinking since clear braces should be removed during daily activities.
  • There are not any eating restrictions for metal braces.
  • No self-consciousness about wearing braces.

Effective tips for Invisalign braces

Teenagers usually wear Invisalign teen just as long as the matal braces. Costs can also be very similar. Since each case is different, the treatment time is determined by the Invisalign provider. However, the entire cost will depend on the severity of the teen’s condition that is going to undergo the treatment.
You may 020 71830527 and talk to an Invisalign provider before undergoing the treatment. Your teeth will get straightened and you will be able to improve your confidence level in no time.

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