Why Invisalign is Favoured Over Metal Braces in Teeth Straightening

05 Mar 2019
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Invisalign braces are the latest technology that is fully capable of improving your smile. It allows you to make your smile more beautiful without wearing those unattractive metal braces that stick out embarrassingly from the mouth. Since this modern technology came into existence, teeth-straightening has become a lot more hassle-free and more convenient.

Reasons to choose Invisalign over conventional braces

Conventional braces have their flip sides. They give you tender, bloody gums and pain in the teeth. Besides that, your mouth will be full of metal. Metal braces also restrict your diet to a considerable extent which many patients don’t find ideal.

Invisible braces are the best alternative to their traditional metal counterparts. This technology straightens your teeth in a simple and straight forward way. Every six to eight weeks after starting of your treatment, you’ve to visit your orthodontist to get a brand new set of those customised invisible aligner trays. Every set of these teeth aligners is carefully tailored to fit your mouth. Yet, every set is unique in its own way to help you achieve your desired smile. Each set of the aligners makes its own contribution to straighten or shift your teeth a little over the entire course of your treatment time.

Invisalign treatment time

The time required to straighten the teeth with Invisalign varies from case to case. A lot of factors come into play here. These include:

  • The original condition of your teeth.
  • Your commitment in wearing the aligners.
  • Individual oral care and hygiene habits.

Unlike the metal braces, Invisalign aligners are easily removable. You can take them out at any time you want and then, slip them back with equal ease. Thus, the cutting-edge approach to teeth straightening allows you to have all your favourite dishes while undergoing the treatment. It also allows you to maintain optimum oral hygiene. Conventional braces never allow these flexibilities.

However, you must wear your customised Invisalign clear braces for at least 20 to 22 hours a day, provided you want the desired result.

The cost of Invisalign too varies from case to case; the longer your treatment time is, the higher the cost is and vice-versa. Dr Wahab Shakir is a leading Invisalign provider in London; he suggests that you should go for the customary initial check-up to let your orthodontist assess the overall cost of your Invisalign braces.

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