How Can I Find Emergency Dentists Near Me

20 Nov 2015
emergency dentists near me

At Dentists Near Me we know that sometimes, even when you take the best care of your dental health, there will be a need for an emergency dental appointment. If you have a cracked or broken tooth then it will be time to visit the dentist as an emergency. The first advice that we have for anyone who needs to find a dentist near them is – don’t panic. You will be able to get help as long as you know how to go about it. Most dentists allocate time every day for patients to be seen on an emergency basis. They will be able to see you and then prescribe the treatment that you need for your particular dental problem. These could be:


Toothache is horrible and there will always be a reason for the pain. The only way to find out what is going on, is to see the dentist. Until you can get to the dentist, you can apply an ice pack that you have wrapped in a towel next to the source of your toothache. Follow this with a rinse of your mouth for some relief from the pain.

Chipped Tooth

Chipping a tooth is a common reason for emergency treatment. A chipped tooth will almost always be able to be saved and will not have to be removed. While you wait for your emergency dentist appointment you can rinse your mouth with warm water and then apply an ice pack to reduce the swelling. Once you get to the dentist you will probably be advised to have a white filling or root canal work with a crown.

Cracked Tooth

If one of your teeth, has cracked this will normally result in toothache. As the pain will most likely increase you will need to see an emergency dentist appointment as soon as you can. While you wait you can take painkillers. Your dentist will probably want to take an x-ray first to assess the damage. Root canal treatment might be advised.

Torn Gums Cut Lip or a Bitten Tongue

These are common emergencies and patients present with them regularly. Again, after you have cleaned the area, then put an ice pack on it and go to the A&E department of your nearest hospital for suturing.


Dentists Near Me will always be able to offer you a choice of emergency dentists near you that will be able to help you in an emergency situation. A dental emergency can be painful and worrying. By looking through emergency Dentists Near Me for an appointment, you will soon have relief from pain and hopefully a new regular dental check-up habit!

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